GERD causes

The Main Causes of GERD

Some people become afflicted with the harmful and painful GERD, also known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease.  Most people have had some symptoms of heart burn.  They have a dull pain in their chest or throat that often comes on after eating certain foods or after certain kinds of activity.  GERD symptoms are similar to that of heartburn, although they are often much more severe and lead to more serious problems in the future.  GERD is generally in just the esophagus as opposed to the stomach as well, like with classic heartburn.

There are many causes of GERD, and it can be different for everyone.  This can often occur with long term heart burn patients who don’t seek treatment.  GERD generally occurs when the sphincter connecting your esophagus and your stomach does not close and open normally.  In a healthy body, this point will only open to let food into the stomach.  It will then stay closed in order to prevent harmful stomach acid from reaching the esophagus.  While the stomach has protection from this substance, the esophagus does not.  If too much acid goes there, it can cause pain and damage.

Another cause of GERD is obesity.  The pressure from an unhealthy amount of weight onto your stomach and esophagus can cause the balance problem with the esophagus sphincter.  If you start to notice that you are getting uncomfortable heartburn and you’re overweight, it’s a good idea to start eating healthy and exercising.  Not only will this lower your risk of getting GERD, but it will also lower your risk for other health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.

You also have higher chances of acquiring GERD if you have had a hiatus hernia.  This occurs when you have had a weakness or tear in your diaphragm.  If this is the case, you need to be very watchful of your health and any symptoms of GERD.  This way, you are more aware if you do end up getting this painful and uncomfortable health condition.

GERD symptoms will often increase during certain situations.  For example, your stomach will produce more acid when you eat certain kinds of food.  Coffee, alcohol, and foods and drinks with a lot of vitamin C can cause severe pain.  Symptoms are often the worst at night because the stomach acid has an easier time getting into the esophagus while you’re lying down.  For best results, either lay on your left side or prop up the top half of your body with lots of pillows.

While there are some causes to GERD, there are no easy solutions to the problem.  First, a qualified doctor will need to run several complicated tests in order to determine whether or not you have it in the first place.  They will perform x-rays or endoscopy to see the damage to your esophagus.  They may also perform painful biopsies as well.

There are several surgical and drug treatments available for extreme cases of GERD.  If it is not as extreme, your doctor may suggest changes in your diet or sleep posture.  While these can help, they do not often cure the problem.  Instead, they will only help to minimize the symptoms.  Even so, this can drastically improve your life.

If your GERD goes unchecked and grows quite severe, there are many terrible health problems that can occur.  The worst is that GERD turns into esophageal cancer.  This happens in the most extreme cases.  If you notice the symptoms, contact a doctor as soon as possible.  This way, you can prevent any of the serious side effects and health problems that happen with severe GERD patients.