Natural Cures for GERD

Trying Natural GERD Cures as Treatment

GERD is a very tough medical condition to have. It is also known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease, which shows that it is a very serious and harmful disease.  If you have been diagnosed with this problem, there are several different treatments that you can do in order to stay healthy.

Most treatments that you can do will be decided by your doctor.  When you go in for your diagnosis, the physician will go through several different tests in order to determine whether you have GERD.  Once they feel that you do, they will also go through some tests that will determine how severe your condition is.  For example, if you have some extreme symptoms, they may end up doing an endoscopy.  For this procedure, they put a video camera down into your throat and esophagus.  This way, they can see how much damage there is to this area and if it can heal with easy means or not.

Once the doctor figures out the severity of your condition, they will they suggest a treatment.  This depends heavily on what they find during the diagnosis.  If your situation is not too severe, the doctor may suggest that you just change your diet.  A good diet for GERD would limit or eliminate certain foods, such as citrus drinks and foods, as well as coffee and chocolate.  This can greatly help your GERD symptoms.  The doctor may also ask you to change your sleep posture.  By sleeping on your left side, you will have much less symptoms.  You can also lower the chance of a lot of pain by propping up the top half of your body while you sleep.

If your GERD is particularly advanced, you may need to go on some medications.  This should be done only if you cannot control the symptoms with a change in diet or a change in sleep posture.  These medications may need to be taken every day, or only at the onset of symptoms.  This depends on what your doctor prescribes for you.  If your GERD affliction is terribly bad, you may need surgery.  Some doctors choose this over medication if it looks like you may need to take pills consistently for the rest of your life.

Some people think that their only option is to follow their doctor’s advice.  This is not true.  While your doctor surely knows what they are doing, there are other options out there.  Some people opt to use more natural methods and cures for their GERD condition.  This is often a change in your diet for GERD to get better.  People often choose natural cures because they are easy to do and often work better than the medications that doctors prescribe.  The only problem is that it can be hard to tell what cure is real and what is just a bunch of bull.  It can’t hurt to try, though, so don’t be afraid to test various cures out to see if they work for you.

One of the more popular natural cures for GERD is apple cider vinegar.  Sufferers of this condition found that their symptoms are dramatically reduced when they drink of mixture of apple cider vinegar and water a few times a day.  They will feel much better, like they never had the GERD.

The most important time you sure try natural cures is if your doctor suggest surgery to help your condition.  Surgery can be fatal, so it is a good idea to test natural methods before resorting to this method.  You may find that you do not need to go this route at all.

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  1. I was told that remedies like your Apple cider vinegar, only mask the problem. Vinegar is one of the dietary to stay away from.

  2. I am very hungry about 6pm but cannot eat as the food does not digest . The acid burns through to the throat and I run around for relief.
    That is the reason why I go TI bed very hungry at night . It is easier that the attack.
    Is there a cure

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