Foods to avoid with Gerd

It is very important for an individual who is suffering from Gerd to follow a strict Gerd diet. It is extremely important that you watch what you are eating and you follow certain simple rules that may help you in a long way by reducing the symptoms. A good Gerd diet if followed properly can make a lot of difference and can turn out to be very effective in curing Gerd.{mosgoogle right}The diet is not at all difficult to follow. It is highly recommended for a gerd patient to avoid foods like coffee, tomato and citrus. All these foods irritate the mucosa directly. Onion, peppermint and chocolate should also be avoided by people who are suffering from gerd.

Most of the people usually eat the foods that are not good and hence they suffer more heartburn and other problems that are faced when suffering from gerd. Diet is not always about eating the right things. Eating the right things is only the half part of a complete diet program. Avoiding the wrong things is as important as eating the right ones.

One of the most important things that a gerd patient needs to follow is the fact he/she should avoid eating during bed time. Eating just before going to bed can cause a lot of heartburn to the patient. Hence it is always recommended for the patient to eat atleast one hour before going to bed.

A gerd patient should strictly avoid chewing gum. Most of the gerd patients have a habit of eating or chewing tobacco. It is highly recommended to stop the habit as the continuation of the habit may cause a lot of trouble for the patient. It is very important for the patient to eat small meals. However, the small meals should be consumed on a more frequent basis. It is not good to have heavy meals for a gerd patient.

One of the things that a gerd patient should follow is to replace whole milk with fat free milk. Whole milk consumption is not at all recommended if the individual is a gerd patient. Fruits are good for health and there is no problem eating fruits. However, it is highly important that you avoid citrus fruits as we have already discussed above that citrus is not good for the gerd patients. Oranges, pineapple and grapes are the fruits that you must avoid. Try and avoid the intake of meat. This is because meat contains lot of fats and a high fat diet is not good for the patient.

Alcohol and coffee is also not recommended for you. The reason for this is the fact that both of them stimulate your stomach and the stomach ends up making more acid as compared to what it would make otherwise in normal situations. Spices are also strictly avoided during gerd so you need to make sure that you avoid spicy food.

Most of the diseases cannot be just cued with the help of medication. There are plenty of other things that a patient needs to follow in order to fight the disease, especially if it is related to the stomach and digestion system. Diet is a very important part of any cure. Usually it is because of unhealthy diet that we end up with different kinds of diseases.

It is essential to eat healthy food which can give a lot of nutrition. Each disease has its own diet that needs to be followed. One of the things that a gerd patient has to keep in mind the fact that gerd is one of those diseases that can reoccur if proper care is not taken once you are free from it. There have been many cases where in a gerd patient got free from it but again suffered within a matter of few days because of the fact that proper medication or proper diet was not followed after the cure.

It is therefore very important that the proper diet is followed even after the disease is cured. You can consult with your doctor as to for how many weeks you have to follow the diet before you are rest assured that gerd won’t pop up again in your life.

You need to have a lot of self control in order to be able to follow the diet even after the cure. You can even follow this diet as a daily diet and safe yourself from most of the other diseases as well as gerd diet is one of the healthiest diets. Many people have also said goodbye to gerd by following proper diet while suffering from gerd and also after the cure.

Many foods that are mentioned in the gerd diet are liked by most of the people and hence it is not very difficult to maintain the diet for a long time.

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